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  Lend a Helping Hand

During our activities in the community, we encounter many people in need. Here are some of them. Let us lend them a helping hand.
Find out how.

Gan Guat Sek

Enduring Life’s Obstacles

Gan, in her 50s, could no longer bear the sufferings. She has suffered from kidney failure for the past four years. “I sought treatment at HUSM since I first knew about my disease,” Gan said weakly. “Hemodialysis treatment is so expensive,” she added. Read more...


Waiting for a Ray of Hope

Hampay reflectively pondered about the fate of her son, Kundan Singh, a form three student at SMJK Chung Hwa, Kota Bharu. He has been suffering from heart disease since birth. “At the beginning, we sought treatment at HKB, then at HUSM and finally at IJN but my son is still suffering from the disease,” said Hampay. Read more...


Facing a Bleak Future

Suren worked as a construction laborer to earn a living. “But now, I am incapable ever since I got hit by a car two years ago…” said Suren. Read more...

Tears at the End of Twilight

I have been suffering from osteoarthritis for many years. Due to this illness, I can barely move around. Despite that, I try to be strong so that I can take care of my husband who is suffering from old age. Now my anguish has increased tenfold after our house totally collapsed. Read more...

Looking for a Ray of Hope

Twelve years ago, Wee’s physical health began to deteriorate and he has become invalid. Wee has diabetes, hypertension, cataract and osteoarthritis. As a result, Wee is no longer able to work. “I’m relying on my wife now…” Wee added. Read more...

How you can help

  • Call us to enquire

    Direct line: 09-7676 962 (Cik Badariah bt Ismail)
    USM line: 09-7673 000 ext 6962

  • Donations can be made to PADUCARE via:

    • Cheque/banker’s cheque/bank’s draft

      Addressed to:
      d/a Jabatan Oftalmologi
      Pusat Sains Pengajian Perubatan
      Universiti Sains Malaysia
      Kampus Kesihatan
      16150 Kubang Kerian
      No Telefon: 09- 766 4585

    • Fund transfer

      Bank Islam Malaysia Berhad
      Account number: 03018010143422

    Donations of RM 5,000 and above will be exempted from tax by the Inland Revenue Board of Malaysia.

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